2,100,509 Australian homes already have rooftop solar

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home battery storage your solar quotes solar news blog

Home battery storage to augment solar systems in near future

Home solar battery storage is finally becomming a reality in Australia.


clean energy fund your solar quotes solar news blog

Clean Energy Fund

A multi-billion dollar fund has been established to spur private sector support of clean energy innovations.


tesla battery your solar quotes solar news blog

Tesla battery now available in Australia

The long awaited Powerwall battery developed by Tesla has been placed on the market in Australia to be sold through three authorised resellers so far.


largest battery recharge station your solar quotes solar news blog

Electric Car Recharge Station – Largest in Southern Hemisphere

For those of us excited at the idea of electric cars, the news of recharge stations in regional NSW has certainly renewed our interest.


netherlands rail solar your solar quotes solar news blog

The Netherlands to power its railway network on 100% wind energy by 2018

The Netherlands has pioneering new energy target. The nation has promised to run its whole electric rail network on 100% wind energy within three years.


solar pv prices fall your solar quotes solar news blog

Solar PV prices to drop by 50% by 2030

A more substantial decline in the cost of solar PV will cause it to compete with large-scale power prices by 2030 in the European Union, a research has declared.


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