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Installing solar panels in Hobart

Installing solar panels at your home in Hobart is one of best investments you can make! To illustrate this, we have listed the key benefits of installing solar power below:


solar panels hobart Reduce your electricity bills by up to 75%!!!

solar panels hobart Protect yourself against continually rising electricity costs!

solar panels hobart Installing solar power increases the value of your home.

solar panels hobart Solar power is a renewable, sustainable energy source.

solar panels hobart Government solar rebates and feed in tariffs make solar power a great investment!


Researching about solar and trying to find the best company to install solar panels at your home can be a daunting process. Your Solar Quotes understand this and we have created a simple 3 step process to make your solar search as easy as possible. Our first step is to educate you about the benefits of solar power and solar hot water. We have made our site as informational as possible to arm you with all the information you will require to make an educated decision about whether solar is right for you and your family.

Our second step is to allow you to easily compare quotes from 3 different CEC accredited solar installers. We have built relationships with hundreds of solar installers nationwide and over time we have implemented a customer feedback system to ensure that only the absolute best of these installers are allowed to compete for your business. This gives you peace of mind and enables you to rest assured that the installers who will supply you with quotes are professionals who have a reputation of providing excellent service and advice.

You then compare the quotes you receive at your leisure. To help with this, we will send you a copy of the Clean Energy Council's - Solar Buying Tips Guide. This guide provides some great independent information on government solar rebates, feed in tariffs, estimated costs of installing solar power systems and other important considerations to help you with your solar decision. Going solar has never been easier or more affordable - read on for more information about installing solar panels in Hobart!

How much will installing solar panels in Hobart save you?

The beautiful city of Hobart is located in the Southeast of Tasmania on the estuary of the Derwent River and is Australia’s second oldest capital city after Sydney, NSW. The Hobart City Council has taken an active role in the promotion of sustainable and renewable energy as well as providing guidance and incentives for energy efficient home design. It serves as the financial and administrative heart of Tasmania and residents of Hobart enjoy a daily average of 5.9 hours of sunlight throughout the year and a massive 15.2 hours of sunlight during the summer solstice - the longest day of any Australian city!

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when calculating solar panel output - these include available sunlight hours, the latitude of the installation, the system orientation, whether shading will play a factor at your home and the solar panel tilt angle. Based on the available sunlight hours, a typical solar power installation in Hobart will produce roughly 3.5kWh of electricity per kW of installed capacity on average (the system will produce you more in summer when daylight hours are longer). One of our top rated installers will be more then happy to run through energy calculations with you to determine exactly how much installing solar panels will save you at your home.

Solar panel rebate and feed in tariff in Hobart

Solar power systems installed in Hobart will receive the Australian Government solar rebate in the form of Small Scale Technology Energy Certificates (STC’s). These STC’s are usually claimed by your chosen solar power installer on your behalf and then offset against the cost of your solar PV system as an upfront discount on the total system price.

In Hobart and the rest of Tasmania, this upfront solar rebate can save you up to 50% on the cost of installing a solar power system. Our top rated solar installers will provide you with full details of this upfront discount when you request a solar quote comparison.

In addition to the upfront solar rebate, residents in Tasmania are entitled to a 5.5c/kWh feed in tariff. This feed in tariff means that you are paid for the excess electricity you don’t use from your solar system. As the rate is lower then the rate you purchase electricity at, we recommend that you try and use as much of your electricity needs as possible during daylight hours when your solar system is producing electricity. This will ensure that you maximise the value from your solar investment.

Choosing the best local solar installers in Hobart

Your Solar Quotes take the hassle out of finding solar power quotes from top rated local installers in Hobart. To get the ball rolling, enter your postcode in the box at the top right corner of this page and fill in your details to claim your free quotes. It only takes 30 seconds to arrange your free solar power quotes!

If you would prefer to request your solar quotes over the phone, you can call the friendly team at Your Solar Quotes on 1300 660 848. Our experienced team of engineers and industry professionals have a wealth of knowledge across the solar industry and are more then happy to help you with any questions that you may have about installing solar panels in Hobart.

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My thanks for sending through the buying tips. Your whole site is extremely useful & when I talk to people about solar I will certainly send them to your page.

Skye Zielke, Devonport, TAS - 07 Apr 2014

We could not have moved forward with out your assistance. Thank you so much

Barbara Woodhouse, Launceston, TAS - 18 Jun 2014

I was contacted by 3 local solar companies who were professional and answered our questions. Shading was a bit of an issue at our property so we have installed a mirco-inverter system as suggested. Thank you again for providing your service.

Steven Hardy, Blackmans Bay, TAS - 04 Jul 2014

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