Take advantage of the significant government incentives available to businesses


Benefits of installing a commercial solar power system

Would you like to power your business using clean, renewable energy? Installing a commercial solar power system on your business is an incredible investment - particularly if your business' energy usage falls during daylight hours. We have listed some of the key benefits of installing a commercial solar power system below:


commercial solar power quote Drastically reduce your business' energy usage

commercial solar power quote Protect your business against continually rising electricity costs

commercial solar power quote High return on investment

commercial solar power quote Enhance your business' green credentials

commercial solar power quote Government rebates and incentives are available for commercial solar systems


Your Solar Quotes take the hassle out of finding commercial solar power quotes from top rated local solar installers. We will put you in touch with 3 CEC accredited installers who will determine your business' requirements and provide you with a customised quotation on commercial solar power that will maximise value for your business and provide you with a great return on investment. Enter your postcode in the box at the top right corner of this page and fill in your details to claim your free quotes. It only takes 30 seconds to arrange your free commercial solar power quotes!

In addition to the information available on our website, we will also send you a copy of the Clean Energy Council's - Guide to Installing Solar PV. This independent guide provides some great solar panel buying tips and walks you through the process of purchasing and installing a solar power system as well as providing information on solar leasing in Australia.

If you would prefer to request your free solar quotes over the phone, you can call the commercial team at Your Solar Quotes on 1300 660 848. Our experienced team of engineers and industry professionals have a wealth of knowledge across the industry and are more then happy to help you with any questions that you may have about obtaining commercial solar quotes for your business.

Why install a commercial solar power system?

Aside from the obvious benefit of drastically reducing your business' energy usage, there are other reasons why installing a commercial solar power system makes good business sense.

Economic - The price of solar power has plummeted over the past 3 years at the same time as electricity prices have been skyrocketing. This reduction in the cost of solar power enables businesses to generate electricity at a lower cost than purchasing electricity from your utility provider. If your business' energy usage primarily occurs during daylight hours then a solar power system sized to offest your daytime usage will have a payback period of around 5 years. This translates to a huge reduction in your medium to long term operational costs with most high quality solar power systems having a warrantied service life of 25 years! Government rebates, feed in tariffs and tax breaks are also available to businesses.

Generate revenue - Energy metering and feed in tariffs enable you to sell your renewable power to your building’s tenant(s) or to electricity retailers**

Enhancing your business' green credentials - Installing a solar power system on your business increases your brands credibility and social consciousness.

Increase the value of your building - Installing a solar power system on your building increases your Greenstar/NABERs rating.

Environmental - Climate change is a real and present issue that isn't going away. Installing a commercial solar power system substantially reduces your business' carbon footprint and allows you to generate clean, renewable energy for decades.

Types of commercial solar power systems

The two main types of commercial solar power systems available are grid connect systems and off grid solar power systems (also know as stand alone).

Grid Connect - With a commercial grid-connected solar power system, your business or property is still connected to the electricity grid, so battery storage is not required (although a lot of high quality inverters are now supplied battery ready so you can take advantage of battery technologies as they become cheaper). A grid connect solar installation ensures you always have the electricity your business requires automatically and regardless of conditions.

Off Grid - An off grid commercial solar power system is completely separated from the electricity grid and utilises a deep cycle battery bank for storing electricity generated by the solar power system. Off grid installations are most common in rural areas of Australia where connection to the electricity grid isn’t available or economically viable.


Other applications that take advantage of solar energy are solar hot water and solar pumping systems. Installing a solar hot water system on your business is another great way to save money and take advantage of available government solar rebates. Read more about the benefits of solar hot water here.

commercial solar power quotescommercial solar power quote

Great service. I own a manufacturing business in Adelaide and was quoted by 3 installers through your website. The installer I chose to go ahead with was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for putting us in touch.

D. Macfarlane, Adelaide, SA - 19 May 2014

The presentations we received were good and in line with the information provided on your website. It is refreshing to receive engineering led presentations rather then the typical sales spiels one comes to expect. Our energy consumption is daytime usage so the decision to install solar power was an easy one to make. Overall the process was pretty seamless and many thanks again and regards.

Sam Morgan, Ballarat, VIC - 19 Jul 2014

All three quotes were competitive and delivered after a thorough inspection of our site. All the best wishes and thanks again for providing your most helpful service.

Katherine Sullivan, Wollongong, NSW - 05 Aug 2014